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The Hefty Tuna That Sold For Over $3 Million
Kiyoshi Kimura is the owner of Sushi Zanmai, a Tokyo-based chain of restaurants, and the well-known restaurateur is always on the lookout for quality fish. Kimura, nicknamed the “Tuna King,” spends a lot of time at the famed Tsukiji market, and is known for spending extremely high amounts of money on exceptional fish.
Kimura once spent $1.8 million on a 608-pound tuna fish, but his highest bid to date is $3.1 million for a bluefin tuna fish that was only four pounds heavier at 612 pounds. After the purchase, which beat his own record, Kimura admitted to reporters, “The tuna looks so tasty and very fresh, but I think I did too much.”
National Geographic calls bluefin tuna one of the fastest and largest fish on the planet, and they grow to massive sizes due to constant feeding, with the largest on record being 1,500 pounds. This tuna's salty flavor and fatty texture make it very in-demand and expensive, but has also caused issues with overfishing of this species.