Stack of sliced grilled cheeses on plate
The Heat Mistake You Could Be Making When Cooking A Grilled Cheese
If you’re hoping to craft a perfect grilled cheese while avoiding common pitfalls like charred bread or unmelted cheese, pay attention to the temperature at which you’re cooking.
To ensure crispy bread with perfectly gooey cheese, start by slathering the bread in a generous layer of butter or mayo, as the fat will help stave off scorching.
Start cooking your sandwich in a cold pan over medium heat, and as the pan heats up, it will evenly warm the sandwich. Once the pan is hot, keep the heat between medium and low.
After flipping the sandwich, lower the temperature to medium low, and avoid using a lid, which will trap moisture. It should take 5-7 minutes until your sandwich is done.
If you're using an electric griddle instead of a stove to cook your grilled cheese, it should be set to 275 degrees, and a panini press should be set to 375 degrees.