Bowls of various types of dried beans
The Hearty Soup Meant For Serious Bean Lovers Only
As colder seasons begin to approach, comforting soups will take center stage. If you want your soup to eat like a meal, try a recipe for the aptly-named 16-Bean Soup.
If you’re worried about gathering 16 different types of beans, don’t fret. The soup usually calls for a prepackaged mix of beans from common brands like Goya or Hurst.
These mixes include 16 — or in the case of Hurst, 15 — different types of beans, ranging from pinto, navy, and black to split peas, chickpeas, lentils, and barley.
If you're a big fan of beans and have certain favorites, you can also buy 16 types of beans that you prefer and make your own mix. The rest of the recipe is also customizable.
The soup calls for carrots, celery, onion, stock, herbs like oregano and bay leaves, and optional meats like sausage or ham. The final dish is hearty and guaranteed to fill you up.