Whole fish with lemon slices inserted in cuts along body on plate next to wine, tomato, and avocado
The Hasselback Cooking Technique Is For More Than Just Potatoes
"Hasselbacken" is a cooking method invented in 1950s Sweden. It involves thinly slicing food but stopping before reaching the bottom, creating surface area for a crispy texture.
Hasselback potatoes are the most popular application for this method, but it can also be used on everything from meat like turkey breast to veggies like squash or eggplant.
Thinly slicing foods without cutting all the way through allows you to stuff flavorings and aromatics between each layer, seasoning food inside and out.
You can even put different flavorings between each layer for a lot of variety in one dish. Bread can be Hasselbacked with different cheeses, herbs, and more on each slice.
You can Hasselbacken zucchini and add herbs, butter, and breadcrumbs for a crunchy, filling meal or side. The added surface area creates a crisp skin on top with a tender interior.
For another idea, try cutting an eggplant Hasselback-style and stuff with sliced grape tomatoes, basil, olives, and bell peppers for a new take on French ratatouille.