Beijing-Style Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes in San Francisco, Calif. on July 24, 2008. Food styled by Audrey Sherman.Photo by Craig Lee / The Chronicle (Photo by Craig Lee/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
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The Half-And-Half Tip For Fluffier Scrambled Eggs
Scrambling eggs is possibly the fastest and easiest way to prepare them, and a miniscule amount of effort yields a plate of comforting, fluffy eggs. A lot of cooks add liquid to their beaten eggs to make their scramble better, and while milk or water are the most popular, there is a third option that makes extra-delicious scrambled eggs.
Eating Expired says that half-and-half will give scrambled eggs a super creamy texture that isn't too heavy. Half-and-half is superior to heavy cream, because the combination of cream and whole milk gives you the creaminess you love from heavy cream with less fat, and the slightly higher water content from the milk adds fluffiness.
Belly Full recommends adding a quarter cup of half-and half-per four-egg batch of scrambled eggs. Simply mix the liquid with the eggs, whisk until the mixture looks light and frothy for fluffiness, then pour the eggs into your heated, buttered pan, and for extra-creamy results, try cooking them over low heat while stirring very often.