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The Hack To Freeze Bacon For Single Servings
Freezing uncooked bacon is a great way to extend its shelf life, but it has one big downside: every time you want to use some of your frozen bacon, you have to thaw the entire package just to pull out a slice or two. Fortunately, a simple roll of parchment paper can make freezing single portions of bacon easy and fast.
To freeze bacon with the best method, start by unrolling a length of parchment paper so it’s the same size as a piece of bacon, and lay down your strips of bacon about two inches apart. Next, cut the parchment paper between each strip of bacon so that each strip is resting on its own individual piece of paper.
Pinch one end of the strip of paper and the strip of bacon and roll the whole thing up into a sort of pinwheel, then place all the finished rolls in a bag or container and put them in the freezer. Now, you have individual strips of bacon that can last for up to two months, and you only have to take out as much as you need.