Sumo oranges on wooden table
The Hack That Will Make Peeling Oranges Uncomplicated
Peeling an orange can be an aggravating task, and if you always end up mangling the fruit, try rolling it on your counter or microwaving it first.
For the first method, roll the orange back and forth on a table while gently pressing down on it. For the second method, pop the fruit in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds.
These techniques make peeling easier due to the heat or pressure, which weakens the bonds between the orange's skin and flesh. As a result, the stubborn peel loosens its grip.
Beyond these techniques, a few additional tips can help. Try shallowly scoring the orange's skin vertically from top to bottom, creating "segments" that are easy to remove.
You can also start peeling at the “loosest” point, which is the top of the orange around the stem. Remember to remove as much of the white, bitter pith as possible while peeling.