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The Guinness World Record For The Most Expensive Meat Pie
Meat pies of various types are found around the world, and are usually a simple fare. One chef at the Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire, United Kingdom, in 2005, however, took on the challenge of flipping the idea of this relatively cheap meal into the most expensive one ever, and earned a place in the Guinness World Record.
Head chef Spencer Burge made the pie with $870 worth of Japanese wagyu beef and two $1,740 bottles of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine for the sauce. Burge also used rare, expensive winter black truffles, French Bluefoot mushrooms worth $348 per 35 ounces, and Chinese matsutake mushrooms that cost $870 for 35 ounces.
The meat pie was finished with an edible gold leaf priced at $174 for each sheet, bringing the total cost to $14,260. Burge told the Lancashire Telegraph, "We wanted to create a real luxury dish using the highest quality ingredients money can buy. It's taken a few attempts to get this right, but we've finally got there."