Sloppy Joe meat and sauce in dark pan with dark wooden spoon
The Ground Meat Blend For Delicious Sloppy Joe Sandwiches
A sloppy joe is a delicious sandwich of ground beef in a ketchup-y, vinegary sauce between two buns. To make this humble dish a bit more exceptional, pay attention to the beef.
Using one part sirloin to one part chuck will give you the perfect ground meat for your sloppy joe. Unlike a generic package of ground beef, this mix has both flavor and moisture.
Sirloin is tender and has a good, mild beefiness, but lacks plentiful fat. When cooked, ground sirloin can dry out quickly, but chuck's high fat content stops this from happening.
The combo of sirloin and chuck makes your sloppy joe flavorful and juicy. Asking your butcher for these cuts to be ground together or even doing it yourself is well worth it.