Old fashioned layer cake with chocolate frosting
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The Grocery Store Bakery Hack That Will Make Storing Leftovers A Breeze
Time is of the essence when packing up a leftover cake to prevent it from going stale. As soon as it’s cut, it starts to lose moisture, and there are a few ways to minimize this.
You could cover the exposed interior of the cake with plastic wrap, but this takes some time. If you get your cake from a bakery, there's an easier way to make sure it stays fresh.
When you order a cake, request that it be placed in a plastic cake container instead of the traditional cardboard box. Any leftovers can easily be put back into the container.
Because the container seals tightly, without letting air in like a box, the cake will stay fresh longer. There's also a way to stop the frosting from smudging onto the container.
Let the frosting harden by placing the cake in the fridge for 20 minutes. After that, there's no need to store leftovers in the fridge as long as they're in the airtight container.