Delicious burgers with blue cheese, marbled beef, onions, and arugula.
The Greens That Never Should Go On Burgers, According To Anthony Bourdain
In his book "Appetites," celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain said that if you put baby arugula or mesclun on your burger, "Guantánamo Bay would not be an unreasonable punishment."
As mesclun is a blend of different types of greens, Bourdain's problem is that its taste will vary depending on the brand, meaning inconsistent results for your burger.
Unlike mesclun, baby arugula generally has a consistently mild, peppery taste. If you like a mild kick, baby arugula seems like a great addition to a hamburger.
However, Bourdain felt that vegetables made burgers hard to eat. He kept things simple so a burger could fit in one hand and "get a representative chunk of all the elements."
Bourdain told Insider Tech that adding veggies to a burger makes it "structurally more difficult to eat," and if it is too difficult, it is "the greatest sin" in "burgerdom."