Glass of grapefruit cocktail with grapefruit slice
The Great Gatsby Is A Simple Cocktail Filled With A Tart Taste
While gin rickey cocktails make an appearance in the "The Great Gatsby," the cocktail named after the novel is a bit different, using a vodka base and just 2 other ingredients.
The Great Gatsby drink was invented in Alabama. It's a simple, elegant cocktail made of grapefruit, vodka, and the fortified wine Lillet Blanc for a tangy, bright, and light flavor.
A party drink this simple is easy to have fun with by customizing. Substitute gin for vodka, swap out the Lillet for dry vermouth, or add a bit of fizz with champagne or tonic.
If you find the grapefruit too tart, add a bit of sugar syrup. Shake everything with ice and serve with an orange peel or grapefruit slice for a drink fit for Jay Gatsby himself.