Various seafood on display over ice in market
The Gourmet Grocery Store Where You Can Discover The Freshest Fish In NYC
Offering everything from wild-caught flounder to eel, from regions like Nova Scotia and New Zealand, Citarella is a New York market known for its high-quality seafood.
For over 100 years, Citarella has offered world-class, rare seafood to New York City shoppers. For instance, it's the only American purveyor that sells Tuscan Branzino.
Joe Gurrera bought the first Citarella location in 1983, and has spent the past 40 years building relationships that allow the market to sell international products.
Today, Citarella is a sprawling seafood network that brings high-quality catches from around the world to the city's top restaurants and roughly five million home cooks every year.
Despite coming from around the world, Citarella’s seafood is never frozen. Products are shipped overnight, hand-cut, hand-shucked, and deboned in-store by expert fishmongers.