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The Godfather Is A Classic Scotch Cocktail Worth Ordering
Scotch had a leading role in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 opus “The Godfather,” with Don Corleone gesturing with a glass of Scotch on the rocks during many of the Corleone household's business dealings. “Godfather” fans ought to try the cocktail that's a tribute to the film, and naturally features this special whisky.
The Godfather cocktail has just two ingredients: three parts Scotch whisky to one part amaretto liqueur, stirred together in a rocks glass. There are no fancy techniques, no shaker or mixer to clean, and like the Don himself, this cocktail is straightforward, yet classic and sophisticated, perfect for an elevated cocktail hour.
The Godfather pairs excellently with a cherry or orange garnish and with desserts, thanks to the sweetness of the amaretto liqueur. The soft-smokey flavor and the honey-sweetness of Scotch is the star of the show, making for a dynamic, complex profile, while the amaretto adds dimensionality to help it go down easier.