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The Gluten-Free Pizza Brand Alton Brown Approves Of
Frozen pizza can be a lifesaver on a busy night, and it’s not too harsh on the pocketbook, which everyone can appreciate. The increase in demand for frozen pizza is due in part to the healthy and gluten-free options that are starting to pop up, including this gluten-free pizza that Alton Brown has revealed is his go-to brand.
In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Brown and his wife shared their approval of the gluten-free pizza made by Capello's. Capello's pizza claims to be the world's first almond flour and keto-certified pizza, and it has nine different types, including a Margherita version and a white pizza with spinach and caramelized onion.
While Brown enjoyed Capello's pepperoni pie, he also noted that it contains a lot of sodium, clocking in at 930 grams of salt per serving — the FDA advises you have less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium each day. The "Good Eats" star quipped that this amount of salt might make you a "dill pickle," but he would still eat the pizza.