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The Gluten-Free Ingredient You Should Use To Thicken
Up Sauces
Striking the right balance between a salty, runny mess and a thick, gelatinous spread can be a delicate matter, and cooks use everything from cornstarch to baking powder to thicken sauces. However, most thickeners use gluten, so if you’re looking for something gluten-free that will still do the trick, potato flakes are the way to go.
The best part of adding potato flakes to a sauce is the consistency, as dehydrated flakes dissolve easily and can be finely ground to make extra-velvety sauces. So the next time you need to turn a watery liquid into something more satisfying, reach for the potato flakes and add one spoonful at a time.
Watch your work closely, however, as this hack works quickly. Add more as needed until your sauce reaches desired consistency, and before serving, give your concoction a taste; you may need to add a bit more seasoning to account for the added ingredient.