Bowl of flour with knife and spoon on the side
The Gluten-Free Flour Created By Chefs At The French Laundry
Gluten-free baking just got much easier thanks to the chefs at The French Laundry, who have developed a gluten-free flour that's a perfect substitute for typical flour.
The flour, called Cup4Cup, can be used in a perfect 1:1 ratio for flour, eliminating the need for any conversions or math. Plus, it offers the same kind of finish as gluten flour.
The chefs were inspired to develop the flour back in 2010 so that gluten-free diners could have the same experience at the restaurant as diners indulging in gluten.
Cup4Cup offers many varieties of gluten-free flour, from wholesome to multipurpose to ancient grain, which can be used in everything from biscuits and cakes to bread and pasta.
The flour was so popular that The French Laundry team was inspired to offer baking mixes for gluten-free bakers for everything from cornbread and pancakes to brownies and cake.