glass of Viennese coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips close-up isolated on white background
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The German Coffee Drink With A Boozy Twist
German Pharisaeer Kaffee, known for its bold flavor with a strong booziness similar to Irish coffee, consists of a warm coffee mixed with a shot of rum and a dollop of whipped cream on top. This tasty beverage seems simple, but has a quirky meaning to its name, not to mention a steadfast rule about how it's meant to be consumed.
Legend has it this drink was created during the christening of a girl on Nordstrand Island, when the congregation snuck in alcohol by pouring rum into warm coffee and using whipped cream to cover the aroma. The pastor caught on and exclaimed, "You Pharisees!," meaning hypocrites, and the "Pharisaeer" name of the beverage stuck.
Pharisaeer Kaffee took off soon after its invention in the 19th century, when the high price of coffee finally decreased. One old-fashioned rule that has stuck around is that you must sip Pharisaer Kaffee through the whipped cream instead of stirring it; if you mix the drink, you'll be the one buying the next round for your fellow drinkers.
A range of coffee and rum selections can work in Pharisaeer Kaffee, but a well-pulled double shot of espresso and top-shelf white rum are considered the best options. To make the beverage, mix a double shot of coffee with a tablespoon of white sugar and an ounce of rum, then dollop hand-whipped cream on top of the drink.