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The Genius Way Alton Brown Uses Binder Clips In The Kitchen
Sometimes, the best kitchen gadgets are ordinary items that can help you out with no extra costs, like using a ruler to cut pastry dough in a straight line or cutting through cheese with dental floss. When it comes to unique tools, celebrity chef Alton Brown has a genius way of using the same binder clips you might use in school.
Brown writes in his book “EveryDayCook” that binder clips have a wealth of uses outside of holding together sheets of paper; firstly, he uses heavy-duty binder clips to attach thermometers to the side of pots and keep them there. As one Reddit user notes, be sure not to use plastic clips that can melt when exposed to high heat.
Brown also uses binder clips to keep foil packets with veggies and meat sealed while they bake in the oven; additionally, the Washington Post recommends replacing expensive chip clips with binder clips. The outlet adds that you can even use binder clips to hold open cookbooks so you can follow a recipe with no fuss.