Stack of grilled cheese sandwiches on a plate
The Genius Reason To Melt Cheese First For Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheeses don’t have to be perfect to taste great, but if you want a sandwich with a thoroughly melted filling, try this tip from James Beard-nominated chef Luke Zahm.
Zahm revealed that he starts making grilled cheeses by melting the cheese directly on a griddle, then toasts the bread by placing it next to the cheese on the hot surface.
Once the cheese is melted, scrape it onto a spatula and push it onto the bread. Zahm noted that this "allows that beautiful cheese to melt into that gooey molten deliciousness."
Once the cheese is melted, simply add it to the toasted bread. Zahm noted the technique "allows that beautiful cheese to melt into that gooey molten deliciousness.”
While Zahm’s large griddle makes this technique easy, you might have to use two separate pans at home to ensure the cheese and bread get heated.
Best of all, you can feel free to reach for those difficult-to-melt hard cheeses since this method is guaranteed to transform them into a perfectly gooey grilled cheese center.