Meatballs in cast iron pan
The Genius Ingredient Addition To Get Juicier Meatballs
Whether served Swedish-style, atop spaghetti, or in Mexican soup, meatballs are always best when juicy. To achieve a perfect texture, add some applesauce.
The fruity purée brightens up the taste of your creation, giving it a sweet kick that balances the savory flavor. Most importantly, it provides extra moisture to the packed meat.
Add ⅔ cup of unsweetened applesauce for every 1 ½ pounds of ground meat before rolling. You may want to bump that measurement to a full cup if you include eggs and breadcrumbs.
Applesauce pairs well with any ground meat, including turkey, beef, or pork. Whether you brown them in a skillet, grill, or bake them, your meatballs will have locked-in moisture.