Medium rare filet mignon steak with herb garlic butter
The Genius Bowl Hack To Keep Crust In Tact While Resting Steak
When a freshly cooked steak rests on a plate, its juices will leak out and reabsorb into the meat, ruining its crust. To prevent this, rest your steak on the rim of a small bowl.
To do this, pick a small bowl that’s no wider than your steak is long and rest the meat on the rim. This way, the juices will pool in the bowl instead of around the steak.
Not only will this keep the crispy exterior intact, but the bowl provides a basin in which to catch the juices, which can be used to make a fantastic sauce.
To further ensure a crispy exterior on your steak, choose a cut with a thickness between 1.5 and 2 inches and cook it on a hot surface, like a grill or cast iron skillet.