A person dipping a sweet potato fry into a dipping sauce
The Game-Changing Way To Increase The Crispness Of Sweet Potato Fries
Tasting Table recipe developer Kara Barrett has a fool-proof method for crispy, oven-baked sweet potato fries that all boils down to when you put the sheet pan in the oven.
Barrett’s trick is putting the empty sheet pan in the oven until it reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then she adds the sweet potatoes fries and turns the heat down to 450 degrees.
If you don't have enough sweet potatoes to cover a sheet pan, Barrett advises using a heated cast iron skillet, which retains heat well, to crisp up the fries.
If the sweet potatoes still aren't crispy when the timer goes off, feel free to broil them for a few minutes to finish the job.