Braised chicken in a cast iron pan.
The Game-Changing Technique
For Succulent Braised Chicken In Half The Time
Braising has the advantage of being a largely hands-off form of cooking, however, the low-and-slow method that results in the most tender chicken can take an hour or more to cook.
Thankfully at Tasting Table, we have recipe developers like Michelle McGlinn, who created a cheater's braised chicken that only takes half the time to cook.
This method forgoes the normal searing of the thighs, and instead opts for cooking the chicken in the oven dry before adding the braising liquid.
Instead of starting the braising process on your stovetop, this method starts in the high heat of your oven, which cooks your chicken more thoroughly.
Cook the chicken at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes until the skin is nicely browned. From there, turn the temperature of the oven down to 250 degrees.
Then add the liquid your recipe calls for, whether it be a Mediterranean lemon mixture or honey mustard, and braise the chicken. Cover the dish and cook for 10 to 15 more minutes.
It's important to keep in mind that a shorter braising time will result in the liquid to reduce less, so if you need the liquid to thicken in the pan to make a gravy, use less.