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The Game-Changing Spice To Add To Your One-Pot Chicken And Rice
Chicken and rice is believed to have originated on the small island of Hainan, off the coast of China, where the chicken is first poached, then the stock is used to make flavorful rice. However, just about every culture has some version of this simple, versatile dish, making it a classic pairing.
Recipe developer Christina Musgrave created the 30-minute, one-pot chicken and rice recipe, which is the perfect dinner solution for busy weeknights. Musgrave's version adds paprika, bringing the dish to a new level, but she doesn't add just any paprika to the plate.
Adding smoked paprika to chicken and rice elevates the simple dish by giving it "a great dimension of flavor." What makes smoked paprika different from regular off-the-shelve paprika is that the heat level ranges from mild to hot and its flavor is perfect for more robust dishes.