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The Game-Changing Method Ina Garten's Garlic Mashed Potatoes Feature
Ina Garten uses both roasted garlic cloves and garlic-infused oil to add fantastic flavor to her garlic mashed potatoes. This isn't the only unique part of her amazing recipe.
Instead of using foil and an oven to roast the garlic, Garten prefers to do it on the stovetop. She starts by adding half a cup each of garlic cloves and olive oil to a pan.
Next, she places the pan on a burner that's adjusted to medium heat. Once the cloves are sizzling, she lowers the heat and lets it simmer until the cloves have subtle brown spots.
Garten lets the mixture cool, transfers the cloves and a few tablespoons of garlic oil to the stand mixer with her potatoes, and beats them until the cloves melt in the mash.