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The Game-Changing Ingredient You Should Add To Mashed Potatoes
While butter is a staple mashed potato ingredient, the dish is often enhanced with dairy products like milk or cream, cream cheese, sour cream, or even Bobby Flay's favorite: crème fraîche. But before you start thinking you need to be swanky to take your mashed spuds up a notch, there's another simple, but flavorful ingredient you should be adding: French onion dip.
According to Lifehacker, adding pre-made French onion dip to your mashed potatoes will turn them from mundane to majestic, imparting creaminess and subtle flavor into this comfort food favorite. Lifehacker recommends using a quarter of a cup of dip for every pound of boiled potatoes along with a quarter cup of salted butter.
Lifehacker also recommends using a shelf-stable and canola-based brand like Lay's, although several other brands like Kroger and Bison have their own recommended recipes for French onion mashed potatoes as well. Meanwhile, Dean's also has a recipe for twice-baked potatoes (essentially mashed potatoes in their own skin) using their dip.