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The Funky Cheese David Lebovitz Uses For Richer Potato Gratin
Pastry chef and food blogger David Lebovitz is known for sharing extraordinary recipes for desserts, meals, and more. In one of his several cookbooks, Lebovitz introduces a unique twist on potato gratin that uses a controversial ingredient that not all eaters enjoy, but some will undoubtedly be thrilled with.
In his Gratin de Pommes recipe, Lebovitz adds 1 1/2 cups of crumbled blue cheese, which incorporates a punch of flavor to contrast with mild potatoes and rich cream. Lebovitz notes that keeping the blue cheese chunks in large chunks is the best approach so that the flavors stand out from the other ingredients.
If you're hesitant about blue cheese, Lebovitz's description of the dish might convince you; he says that the cheese "elevates a common tuber into a dish you want to snuggle up to, spooning up the long-cooked potatoes with pockets of oozing cheese between them." You'll likely end up savoring this crisp, creamy, flavorful gratin.