Lady whisking up cake mixture in a bowl whilst pouring in water from a jug.
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The Fruity Wine You Should Be Pouring Into Cake Mix
Adding alcohol to cakes is a delicious way for the 21 and up crowd to enjoy both booze and dessert. Moscato wine, beloved for its sweet, fruity flavors, is a great fit for this.
Moscato becomes even more versatile if you add it to boxed cake mix. The wine will add lightness and moisture to the crumb, along with a bit of extra sweetness and flavor.
To try it, pour ¾ of a cup of Moscato wine into a bowl with the cake mix and any other ingredients (such as oil or eggs), combine thoroughly, and bake as instructed on the package.
Try complimenting chocolate cake mix with a blueberry or strawberry-heavy Moscato, or amp up a vanilla or yellow mix with passion fruit, peach, melon mint, or rose petal Moscato.
You can also make a Moscato syrup for a stronger flavor. Heat one part sugar with two parts wine on the stove until the mixture reduces by half, then cool in the fridge before use.