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The Fruity Ingredient That Can Change Your Chocolate Cake For The Better
The ideal chocolate cake has a rich, moist, and tender interior with a rich chocolate flavor, but sometimes, not even chocolate can prevent a cake from becoming dry. King Arthur Baking says that using too much flour or making your oven too hot can dry out your cake, but for extra insurance, try adding this fruit to the batter.
Taste of Home recommends mixing one mashed ripe banana into your chocolate cake batter, while Shugary Sweets recommends three bananas. Either way, ARPN Journals explains that one ripe banana is made of almost 80% moisture, and when that moisture is added to your cake, it prevents it from becoming dry.
Bananas also play better with the other ingredients in your batter, since adding fat or liquid to your batter when trying to prevent dryness can throw off your whole recipe and make the cake greasy. Of course, your cake will take on some banana flavor, but you can make it more subtle by adding more unsweetened cocoa powder.