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The Fruit Queen Elizabeth Loved To Pick Herself
Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8, 2022 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, one of her favorite estates under ownership of the royal family. The sprawling castle is surrounded by 50,000 acres of pine forest, and this terrain grows some of the Queen's favorite fruits, one of which she enjoyed foraging herself during her free time.
Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady has revealed that "The Queen would relax by going strawberry picking and come back with a basket of berries for me to prepare in the kitchen." He made meals, jams, and desserts for the Queen, oftentimes under her supervision; McCrady cooked for Her Majesty for 11 years.
McGrady adds that one of Elizabeth's favorite treats was her own wild strawberries — which far exceed any you've tasted from the supermarket — served with chocolate mousse or chocolate ice cream. The Queen was also very fond of jam made with fraises du bois, a prized variety of strawberry, and often slathered the jam on scones.