A Starbucks cup with a pink blended drink
The Fruit-Flavored Starbucks Frappuccinos You Forgot About
The Starbucks Frappuccino juice blend was made by blending fruit juices with Tazo tea and ice. They were introduced in the summer of 2006 but eventually disappeared from the menu.
Despite an initial surge in popularity, the reasons behind the drink's removal are unknown. While they can't be found in the U.S., they're still popular in Thailand and China.
Luckily, Starbucks offers over 170,000 ways to customize an order, and you can apply this customization principle to the Frappuccino juice blends despite their discontinuation.
If available at the store, request fruit juice extracts, like mango or passion fruit, blended with black, green, or passion tea and ice. It should be close in taste and texture.