A tall glass of iced tea
The Frozen Fruit You Should Begin Adding To Iced Tea
Iced tea is the perfect summer drink, but if you're getting bored of plain tea, make it more exciting by adding frozen fruit. One excellent choice is frozen figs.
The best way to add the figs is to blend them with brewed iced tea. This adds not only sweetness and a richer texture, but also a good dose of fiber and antioxidants.
The honey-like flavors of the fig will create a dynamic-tasting iced tea that is far from average. If you don't have a blender, you can use the frozen figs in other ways.
Simply plop the still-frozen figs into your iced tea to act as ice cubes. The taste of the figs will seep into the tea, adding a vibrant flavor instead of watering it down.
Defrosted or fresh figs also make a great garnish, and if you feel like getting creative, you can make a fresh fig syrup to sweeten your tea as a flavorful alternative to sugar.