Peach mimosa or bellini cocktails for brunch
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The Fresh Ingredients To Amplify The Peach Flavor In Bellinis
A Bellini is a sweet and tart brunch cocktail that is similar to a mimosa (both drinks have a base of champagne or prosecco), but a Bellini uses peach puree instead of orange juice. The bellini's ability to be both simple and luxurious is why it's so beloved, and there are extra ingredients you can add to make it taste even fresher and fruitier.
To make a bellini with fresh fruit, peel and pit white peaches, then chop them into chunks and blend until smooth, thick, and honey-like. To perfectly amplify the peaches' natural sweetness and subtle tartness, juice a fresh lemon into your blender as well, and add a sweetener like sugar, simple syrup, or some high-quality honey.
After you blend your ingredients, strain the puree through a mesh sieve to remove any pulp that would be hard to drink. Add 4-6 tablespoons of peach puree to a chilled flute glass, add a little champagne or prosecco to dilute it, mix with a spoon until blended, then fill the rest of the glass with more bubbly for a spectacular brunch sip.