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The Fresh Ingredient Swap That Can Take The Place Of Mayo
Mayo is popular because of its creamy texture and versatile savory flavor, but it can be high in calories and fat because it's made with eggs and oil. There are some low-calorie mayos out there, but these are not suitable for vegans, people who don’t eat eggs, or those who don't like mayo; luckily, there is a simple alternative.
Using avocado as a substitute for mayo is perfect, because mashed or pureed avocado has a rich creamy texture, but more healthy fats. Medical News Today reports that avocados are loaded with health benefits like protection from chronic diseases, antimicrobial properties, natural detoxification, and improved digestion.
If you don't want to mash your avocado, slicing it thinly still works great and adds more of a bite. Spread, slice, or mash your avocado on sandwiches, burgers, wraps, in tuna or potato salad, or even season it and use it as a dipping sauce, and enjoy the rich mouthfeel of mayo with no animal products and more health benefits.