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The Fresh And Easy Way To Take Avocado Toast To The Next Level
By Talin Vartanian
Avocado is often a supporting character in the culinary world, usually serving as a topping or a side but when placed on a slice of toasted bread, it becomes the star of the show. Avocado toast typically consists of sliced or mashed avocado, served on a hearty toast with various toppings.
However, you can spice up this breakfast dish by adding some smoked salmon or lox with capers and raw red onion. If you have more time to spare, you can also take this healthy brunch dish to the next level with more over-the-top combinations like Moroccan-spiced avocado toast spread with a yogurt harissa mixture.
Among the seemingly infinite combinations is a choice that may seem unorthodox but salsa can serve as a fresh and flavorful addition to avocado toast. Everything from a classic pico de gallo to a less spicy fruit salsa will pair well with avocado as the flavor of avocado is usually subtle and won’t overpower the salsa.
Any avocado can bring a creamy, buttery texture to your toast but certain types of avocados--like the Tonnage, Hall, and the Mexicola Grande--have a sweeter taste to them. If using one of those types of avocados with a fruit salsa, be sure to avoid any added sweeteners as the combination should be plenty sweet.