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The French Pastry Ina Garten Calls The 'Ultimate Valentine's Day Dessert'
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so prepare yourself for the oncoming flood of chocolates, flowers, and heart-shaped cards. While the holiday may be overflowing with hokey traditions, Food Network star Ina Garten has a different take on celebrating love, and there’s one pastry she thinks is the “ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert.”
According to Garten, profiteroles are the richest, most elegant dessert, and the best choice by far if you’re hoping to make an impression this Valentine’s Day. The pastry blends the best elements of dessert, with traditional French choux-based puff pastry, vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, and a healthy drizzle of dark chocolate.
Profiteroles are a multi-step process, but they’re well worth the effort. First, make your choux-based cream puff with flour, butter, eggs, and water, then pipe it onto a baking sheet, and bake until golden brown and soft in the center. Fill your profiteroles with whipped cream, custard, or ice cream, and drizzle with chocolate.