Raw T-bone steak on brown paper.
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The Freezer Tip For More Tender Fried Steak
Deep-frying steak is an underrated yet delicious way to cook high-quality beef, and a classy cut like porterhouse makes it even better. A porterhouse is thick, flavorful, tender, and also quite expensive at $20 to $25 per pound, so it's crucial to do right by your steak, and a surefire way to fry it up so it's moist and tender is to freeze it first.
To perfectly cook a porterhouse, allow at least a full day of resting in the fridge after scoring and seasoning your meat, and then another four to six hours in the freezer. Ice crystals that form during the meat's time in the freezer make the beef more tender, especially since it'll go straight into a deep-fry from the icy cold, preventing overcooking.
One study from Kansas State University found that certain cuts of beef were up to 10% more tender post-freezer session. After you deep-fry the steak once, you'll baste and roast it, then fry it again before a final resting period of ten minutes, after which you can dig into a super tender steak, thanks to your freezer and some patience.