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The Freezer Hack That Will Give You The Ultimate Gooey Brownies
Whether you make them from scratch or from a boxed mix, brownies are a gooey, chocolatey dessert staple, and everyone seems to have their own preference on the perfect texture for a batch of brownies. Home bakes who love soft, gooey brownies have to try this viral TikTok method that uses the freezer.
In a video with over 1.8 million likes, a TikToker shows viewers how freezing layers of Nutella and Biscoff before adding them to a pan of brownies creates super-gooey layers. The influencer explains, "freezing [the spreads] means it goes nice and gooey instead of going caramelized and burnt like when you add [them] at room temp!”
To try this, freeze a layer of Biscoff and a layer of Nutella in similarly-sized squares on parchment paper. Once the sheets are frozen solid — which takes at least an hour — layer the spreads in a pan with your brownie batter in this order: 1/3 of the batter, Nutella, another 1/3 batter, Biscoff, and then a final layer of batter on top before baking.