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The FoolProof Method To Safely Clean Your Blender
Blenders are a quick and convenient kitchen appliance, able to make anything from ice cream to hummus — that is, until it comes to clean the machine itself. Blenders are infamous for being tough to clean, but there is an alternative way that is far safer for your blender and your fingers than hand washing it.
When it comes to cleaning your blender by hand, their narrow pitchers and sharp blades can make it a hassle, but fortunately for us, there’s a much easier and efficient way. Better yet, it will save your blender from the potential damage from the dishwasher, saving the shape, sharp blades, and seals of your precious appliance.
For a perfectly safe blender cleaning method, fill the pitcher halfway with warm water before adding a drizzle of dish soap and blending the mixture with the lid on. Give the blender a good rinse or potential rag scrub to get out the stubborn bits from the sides, and before you know it, your blender will be spotless!