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The Food Philosophy That Fueled Queen Elizabeth
The late Queen Elizabeth II was known for her grace and practicality that guided her through her 70-year reign. The queen followed this philosophy in all areas of her life, including her diet; while the royal family had access to an plethora of top-quality foods and on-call gourmet chefs, Elizabeth II preferred more modest dining.
Royal author Bryan Kozlowski once wrote that "Straightforward simplicity has marked the Queen's dining habits since childhood." A former footman during Elizabeth's reign recounted that the palace staff usually ate fancier meals than those of the royal family; the queen's philosophy clearly affected others at Buckingham Palace as well.
Darren McGrady, Her Majesty's personal chef for 15 years, has stated that the queen's husband Prince Phillip "[loved] to eat and would stand and talk food all day," but Elizabeth was more restrained. Her simple diet included toast with marmalade or cornflakes at breakfast time, followed by strictly small lunches and dinners.
Elizabeth sometimes diverted from being simple and unfussy. She hated garlic, always wanted her sandwiches crustless, did not allow others to continue eating once she was done with her meal, and though biographer Sally Bedell Smith says the queen considered food to be "just fuel," Elizabeth still enjoyed treats like chocolate cake and cocktails.
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