A pile of freshly picked rhubarb with strong red and green stalks
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The Floral Ingredient That Will Bring Out The Flavor Of Rhubarb
Rhubarb’s tart flavor pairs well with sweet berries and crisp apples, but there’s a softer, more floral flavor that might just be the ultimate match for this spring vegetable.
Lavender has a strong botanical flavor, making it a great counterpart to rhubarb. It keeps the rhubarb’s flavor in check so the tartness doesn’t overpower the entire dish.
Before you add loads of lavender to your dessert, know that too much will risk your pie or cake tasting like your favorite hand cream. Restraint is key for a balanced flavor.
There are also a variety of culinary lavender breeds that you can use in your baked goods. Dried English lavender will likely be your best bet, as it is the sweetest variety.
For your next garden party, consider whipping up a tasty rhubarb galette with a fruity lavender glaze, or another treat like scones that will have your guests pining for more.