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The Flipping Mistake You Need To Steer Clear Of When Grilling Salmon
It can be hard to flip salmon on the grill without the fish sticking to the grates. However, the grill isn’t the only issue, as the utensil plays just as important of a role.
As salmon cooks on the grill, it will sink into the grates and cause a metal spatula to tear the skin apart when attempting to flip. Instead, swap in a fork or cooking tweezers.
Proper utensils, such as forks and cooking tweezers, should allow you to insert them between the grates and under the fish so you can lift it onto the spatula and flip.
Metal fish spatulas are best for flipping fish that is cooked in a skillet, as that is much more of a flat surface compared to a grill.
To make your fish even more stick-resistant, be sure to clean and grease your grill before firing it up. The grill should also be piping hot before the fish goes on.