Bottles of Aperol are plentiful at Trattoria Brunos in Brea.
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The Flavors You're Likely Tasting In Aperol
The Italian liqueur Aperol has a secret recipe, but we do know of a few ingredients used to make it, which explain some of the flavors you'll find in this sweet, vibrant amaro.
Orange oils, botanicals, and spicy herbs play a part in Aperol, so you'll taste citrusy and herbal notes. You may also taste earthy, woodsy notes and a smoky vanilla essence.
Rhubarb, gentian root, and quinine add to the bittersweet flavor of Aperol. This liqueur also has a higher sugar content than other kinds of amari, adding to the sweetness.
Since it's sweeter and not as bitter as similar spirits like Campari, Aperol plays well with other liquors and mixers to create refreshing cocktails like the Aperol Spritz.
As you sip your next drink made with Aperol or sample the colorful liquid straight, make tasting notes on the interesting flavor profile of this unique libation.