Joanna Gaines seated, wearing a headset
The Flavorful Way Joanna Gaines Upgrades Store-Bought Mayonnaise
Magnolia Network founder, Joanna Gaines, suggests enhancing store-bought mayonnaise by adding herbs and seasonings to create a whole new spread.
In her "Magnolia Table" cookbook, Gaines adds depth to mayo by adding white pepper, chives, a garlic clove, minced dill, parsley, paprika, and a few squeezes of lemon juice.
Other ways to upgrade mayo include adding pesto to give it an Italian flair. Meanwhile, sesame oil, curry powder, and coriander make it a great Asian-based sauce.
To satisfy a heat craving, add canned chipotles and adobo sauce to give your jar spread a spicy kick. For those with a sweet tooth, even honey or sugar can make a tasty difference.