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The Flavorful Way Alton Brown Upgrades His Dirty Martini
If you never knew that Alton Brown was a serious martini man, you do now. In a Salon interview, Brown revealed his go-to "quarantine drink" is a "well-made martin," adding that "I make excellent ones - And if I was only going to have one drink a week, it would absolutely be a good gin martini."
While a traditional martini is made with gin or vodka mixed in with vermouth and garnished with olives, Brown likes to mix up an "extra dirty martini." In an episode of "Quarantine Quitchen," Brown observes that a lot of people think adding olive brine is all there is to a dirty martini, but he disagrees.
Brown's recipe involves a Greek vodka, Kástra Elión, made with handpicked Greek olives, plus with a special concoction Brown calls "superior brine." This brine is made with olives, brine, water, salt, a piece of anchovy, and hot peppers to make a "longer-lasting brine" that gives you more martinis in the long run.