a spoon with some romesco sauce, typical of Catalonia, Spain, next to some of the ingredients to prepare it, such as tomatoes, garlic, nyora pepper or hazelnuts, on a dark surface
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The Flavorful Spanish Sauce Bobby Flay Serves With Scrambled Eggs
From choosing a nonstick pan to mixing in a bit of crème fraîche, Bobby Flay has a lot of opinions and advice when it comes to scrambled eggs. To finish off his perfectly cooked and creamy scrambled eggs, Flay likes to add this Spanish sauce to make the dish really stand out.
Romesco sauce is a tasty and hearty condiment made with tomatoes, sweet roasted red peppers, garlic, chili powder, and nuts. Flay said, "I like to do my scramble with a little bit of scallions and romesco, which is a peppery, Spanish, pesto-like sauce. I also like to run some rivers of goat cheese through the eggs with a big spoon.”
Although it was originally created to go with fish dishes, romesco pairs well with scrambled eggs for a dynamic flavor. Flay loves the combo so much that he added it to the menu at his New York eatery, Gato, while Chopped host, Ted Allen, is known to pair the two ingredients together for a Spanish omelet.