Sliced corned beef on cutting board
The Flavorful Jamaican Dish That Begins With Canned Corned Beef
Spicy, sweet, and savory, bully beef is a stew-like Jamaican dish made with ingredients like bold scotch bonnet peppers, aromatic sauces and root vegetables, and corned beef.
The dish uses Jamaican pantry staples, and recipes always start with a can of corned beef. It's enlivened with a medley of flavors married through a swift cooking process.
The use of corned beef traces back to Jamaica's colonial period, when Irish corned beef ended up on the island and became popular due to its convenience and long shelf life.
Garlic, onions, scallions, bell peppers, and scotch bonnets make up the aromatic backbone of bully beef. The mix is seasoned with thyme and all-purpose seasoning blends.
After sweating the vegetables in a pan, the beef is introduced and all the components are stirred together. Sweetness is added through sweet corn, ketchup, or browning sauce.
After cooking for just a few minutes, the dish is done. Traditionally, it's served with sides like a white rice, fried plantains, or Johnny Cakes, a type of fried dough.