Homemade pie crust in pie plate. Cooking apple pie, dark background
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The Flavorful Ingredient You Should Be Adding To Cookie Pie Crusts
A traditional pastry crust for pies can be difficult and time-consuming to make, which is why many cooks opt for a cookie or cracker crust instead. The most classic cookie crust is graham cracker, and other popular versions include Oreos or gingersnaps, and all of these play well with a secret ingredient to make the crust even better.
Cookies and butter are the only ingredients needed to make a cookie crust, but you can add extra flavor by browning the butter. When butter is cooked past its melting point, it not only turns a brown color, but also takes on a very potent, nutty, caramel-like flavor that can really add some depth and savoriness to the sweet cookies.
Use browned butter in pies with ingredients like chocolate and nuts, which would benefit from its rich nuttiness, or try it with fruit pies to balance bright and tart flavors. To make brown butter, all you need is butter (which melts more evenly when cut into small chunks), a pot to melt it, and something to stir it with so it doesn't burn.