Tall glass of iced tea with lemon
The Flavorful Additions To Sweeten Iced Tea Excluding Plain Sugar
If you drink iced tea every day in the summer, it might be worth it to cut down on your refined white sugar intake, but this doesn't mean that your tea has to be unsweetened.
Try using fruit juice to sweeten your tea to add a delicious flavor boost with less straight-up sugar. Lemonade, cranberry juice, and orange juice are just a few great options.
Equal parts iced tea and lemonade create a classic Arnold Palmer drink, but you can get more creative with tropical mango or pineapple juice or tangy pomegranate and raspberry.
Peach juice adds a Southern flair, and you can even use fruit punch or other juice blends. Add the juice to the tea in a 1:1 ratio or use just a splash or two of juice.
For a hint of booze and a lot more complexity, you can also add leftover cocktails to your iced tea, coordinating the alcohol's flavor with the types of tea that suit it best.